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Water Lilies

Communities, climate, and truly sustainable development

Community Environment Associates (CEA) works for stronger communities, healthier environments and social justice. Our two directors each have over 25 years of experience as consultants in this field, and we have a unique record of working at every level from small and marginalised communities to national policy work and UN conventions.

Our work now focuses primarily on supporting local responses to the climate crisis. We offer workshops, training sessions, plan development and other ways to engage people in action.

We are also supporting the 'Our Places, Our Stories' project to record the history of the environmental movement in the UK.

The services we offer include project advice and management, training, facilitation, research and evaluation. We work on single issues from waste, food and energy efficiency to complex and interdisciplinary approaches to climate change and sustainable development – see our core work areas for more information.

We keep CEA as a small and efficient company: work with us and you’ll deal directly with the directors. But we also work with a range of associates and partner organisations, as this site will show you, and those partners vary from consultancies to innovative social enterprises and universities.

We’ve been active in developing work on environmental justice in the UK, and we’re proud of writing the only guide to sustainable development that has received the Plain English ‘Crystal Mark’. If you want effective engagement we can help make it happen.

Latest posts

April 22nd 2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of the first 'EARTH DAY' in 1970 - seen by many as the start of the modern 'environmental movement. To celebrate this we are launching the Environmental Action Timeline, recording the local and national even...

Several of the resources from the Big Lottery 'Local Food' programme are now hard to find on the net. It's about four years since the programme finished but their outputs - reports and videos - are still very relevant. We have assembled some of th...

Making the most of your local environment Report from a Big Local Networking & Learning event ‘Making the most of your local environment’ was a Big Local ‘learning and networking event’ that took place on March 23rd 2017 at the Windmi...

Community groups are often the subject of research, but there is a growing body of work on communities doing their own high-quality research on their own needs and issues. This is usually done in conjunction with a university or college who can provi...

CEA have recently worked for Oxford Friends of the Earth on the ‘Creating a Buzz!’ toolkit for faith groups. While the threats facing bees and other pollinators are widely recognised but there is still a lot of practical work to be done to protec...

We Don't Drive! There are some 64.1 Million people in the UK. Less than half of them (31.9 Million) have a driving licence.  Many are too young – there are around 14 million children and young people. But there are 18 Million adults who simply ...

Who We Are

  • Chris Church
    a skilled trainer, facilitator, researcher and project manager with a background in campaigning, policy development and advocacy.
  • Jan McHarry
    focusing on research and evaluation and with particular skills on how faith communities engage with sustainability.
  • Facilitation & Training
    a key part of our work: find out more about what we offer here.

What We Do


Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts

Rachel Carson 1907 - 1964

Her groundbreaking classic 'Silent Spring' (1962) altered the public's view of the natural world and initiated the modern environmental movement.