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Jan’s History

A summary CV can be found here.

Over the years Jan has contributed to a diverse portfolio of projects including several sustainability initiatives inspired by international work. These include the UK’s first project on local sustainability indicators (inspired by work in Seattle, USA), and co-founding the Buy Recycled Programme.

Her past clients include: Bioregional Development Group; Capacity Global; Friends of the Earth/Community Recycling Network; Government Office for London; Stakeholder Forum for our Common Future; Television Trust for the Environment; United Nations Environment and Development Forum UK; UN International Secretariat for Disaster Reduction, and various Government departments and local authorities.

She is the author of ‘Reuse, Repair, Recycle’ (Gaia Books 1993 + international editions) and ‘The Great Recycling Adventure’ (Marshall Editions 1994, for children).

She is co-author of ‘The Plain Language Guide to the World Summit on Sustainable Development’ (Earthscan Books, 2005) and ‘Multi-Stakeholder Processes for Governance and Sustainability: Beyond Deadlock and Conflict (Earthscan Books, 2001).  As well as contributions to professional and academic publications, Jan has prepared briefings and short guides for many non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and voluntary organisations.

Jan has been an active member of LB Tower Hamlets Fairtrade group and involved in London Citizens (TELCO), a broad-based citizens organising movement renowned for its pioneering work on social justice, the Living Wage, securing refugee and asylum-seeker rights, and affordable housing. She’s involved in various interfaith initiatives and is the representative for the London Buddhist Centre ( on Tower Hamlets Interfaith Forum.

In 2011 she successfully completed a thought-provoking and challenging Open University module on ‘Death and Dying’ as well as participating in other local initiatives linked to dementia and end-of-life care.  This involvement partly stems from personal experience of fruitfully supporting   a parent through Alzheimer’s disease, as well as putting into practice Buddhist teachings on gratitude and impermanence.

Other interests

Jan’s roots lie in Dorset, her birthplace in 1957. With an early interest in natural history, she’s been involved in practical environmental initiatives since the mid 1970s. The delights of an Oxford garden, walking, wild places, books and music fill the other hours!

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Recent Activities

A snapshot of work and projects:

  • Faiths and Environment research and projects
  • Project grant assessor for Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF) Spring 2012.
  • Tower Hamlets Interfaith Forum Community Energy Project
  • Support to CEA and external projects requiring internet research and reporting skills

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