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Free workshop on European laws, actions and tools for a low carbon society

The EU has a range of targets and regulatory instruments for work on energy and climate. At the centre of this is the ‘climate and energy package’ – a set of binding legislation that aims to ensure the European Union meets its ambitious climate and energy targets for 2020.

On Friday April 5th (1pm – 4pm) the Low Carbon Communities Network, in association with the CINERGY (Citizens and Energy) programme, is holding a workshop to discuss these measures. The session takes place at the Oxford Low Carbon Hub (very near Oxford rail station).  A summary document covering the EU laws and programmes is attached.

The purpose of the workshop is to explore how EU measures do or do not (and perhaps could) support national and especially local /community level action. How far would a better understanding of EU programmes help local action and what can be done to build that understanding?

We welcome participants with knowledge and experience on these issues from both policy and practice backgrounds; we also invite those who would like to know more but have found it hard to engage with European level work so far.  We will be seeking to identify emerging good practice and also to be clear on where there are gaps and problems.  We would be happy to hear from anyone with experience to feed into the discussion.

The session will be run in parallel with similar sessions in five other European nations. This is a part of the two-year CINERGY programme funded by the EU Grundtvig programme.

The workshop is free, but advance booking is essential. Please email





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