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Facilitation and Training

Chris Church is a highly experienced trainer and facilitator. He did post-graduate training as a teacher and worked in further education. He offers training on both sustainability issues and communication and engagement skills.

For more information go to the Oxford Facilitation, Training and Events Services page here. 

Chris is a popular facilitator. He has a good understanding of key social and sustainability issues but knows when and how to stay in the background to support and enable discussion. He has facilitated discussions at every level from residents’ associations to senior management and has designed and run processes for large conferences as well as small groups. His techniques are well-proven and straightforward, and he is experienced in work in confrontational and problematic situations. He can lead discussions, help solve problems, and support work towards action and organisational plans.

His approach to facilitation is developed here.


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Why the White Horse?

The White Horse on this site is the White Horse of Uffington, one of the oldest surviving pieces of art in the UK. It's a 70m long chalk carving. Its simplicity and flowing lines mark it out as a classic of design. Simplicity and clarity is at the core of my training and facilitation work – essential when training on complex issues! For more on the White Horse and sustainability download here.