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Can’t Drive? Won’t Drive? Don’t want to Drive?

We Don’t Drive!

There are some 64.1 Million people in the UK. Less than half of them (31.9 Million) have a driving licence.  Many are too young – there are around 14 million children and young people. But there are 18 Million adults who simply don’t drive. There are many reasons – the cost, they feel unsafe, they may have health issues that limit their ability to drive, or they are simply not interested in driving.  All these are people who need to use other modes of transport – walking, public transport, cycling, and many use a combination of different forms of transport to access the places and services they use.

But it is easy to see how far most transport policy and planning sees those who don’t drive as less important second class citizens. As public transport in many parts of the UK struggles, so new road programmes are announced and funded, even though average mileage for four-wheeled vehicles has fallen in recent years. While new roads are planned, funding cuts mean that pavement and footway maintenance is getting steadily worse.

All this needs to change.   That’s what has led to plans for a new organisation that will put non-drivers at its’ heart. CEA are leading work on ‘We Don’t Drive’ (a working title) aims to speak up for those who don’t drive and for those who would like better choices so that they can cut their driving.

We held a first workshop / hack day in October and the report on this is now available here.

We’ll be talking with the funders about how this goes forward.  Meanwhile there is a Facebook group through which we keep people informed.  Join here.

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