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Sustainable Developments?

An overview of news and opinion on sustainable development with a focus on how it goes forward locally, in the UK and elsewhere.  The content is from Chris Church – comments and ideas for posts always welcome.

UK residents to get 24 hour power supply!

The small island of Muck in west Scotland was one of the last places in the UK not to have a […]

Like us! (and win a day’s free facilitation training)

If you’ve arrived here it may be because you’re Facebook friends or Linked In with me, Chris Church.  I’m going to […]

An Engagement and Participation Action Plan for Oxford

CEA is working for the Oxford Strategic Partnership to develop an Engagement and Participation Action Plan for Oxford. This is proving […]

Marine Protected Areas training in Scotland

Scotland (along with the rest of the UK) has designated a number of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).  Work on this is […]

Raising professional standards for environmental management

New pressures for commercial development (both housing and industry) are in turn putting pressure on those doing environmental assessments  of development […]

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