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Raising professional standards for environmental management

New pressures for commercial development (both housing and industry) are in turn putting pressure on those doing environmental assessments  of development sites.  The Institute for Ecology and Environmental Management is the professional body that represents and supports ecologists and  environmental managers in the UK and Ireland. Chris Church at CEA is currently running a set of workshops for the IEEM (in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland). These are working with members on how the Institute can raise standards in local practice. The aim is to do this in ways that benefits both its members and local biodiversity.

A lot of interesting material is emerging. We’ll be asking IEEM if we can promote what comes out of these. One key issue is how ecology and related issues can be seen as a ‘serious profession’.  In the meantime the IEEM has recently had a very successful conference on ‘Ecosystem Services: Practical Methods for Demonstrating the Value of Nature to Decision Makers’. The papers are on their website. Upcoming training courses cover issues from the Code for Sustainable Homes to badger surveying.  The IEEM will shortly become a chartered institute: anyone looking to work in this field should check out their work.


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